No fire incident.

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No fire incident.

Bhuri Industrial Consulting Private Limited (BiC) team has experienced that Fire in any of the industries is the highest value destroyer in terms of direct loss of revenue, if production is lost then you are losing customers, and employee engagement will get impacted. Casualty if this happened then there will be legal complications for the management including the managing director.

BiC has vast experience it system base control system where fire-related control can be established and avoid fire incidences and save the major disruptive situation.

One of the major destructive events takes place normally on the failure of process safety where major damage has been seen. The cultural transformation process is to be top-down and built into the standard operating processes and operating plants, the culture of doing things right, the fire department is not responsible to prevent fires but the team on the shopfloor that is operation and maintenance personnel are to be made

During the design itself, BiC has great experience to incorporate a fire detection and protection system where human intervention is not required, an incidence investigation system, and a senior management level action plan and learning to be shared across is the key to making people aware.

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All fire/incidents are preventable.

Always reasons to go something wrong.
Detection and protection is key in a critical area.
Good housekeeping is one best way to avoid fire.

Prevention is better than cure.

Proactive Audit on fire related .
Finding must be taken seriously.
Fire prevention should be part of the Design.

There is always resons for fire.

Accepting poor O&M practices is one of the major reasons.
Management is taking for granted.
SOP to deal with.

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Our Testimonials

  • "I, Parimal M Khanderia, Vice President ( Projects) and Director Technical Development M/s Tata Chemicals Limited, was an immediate supervisor of Mr. Kishor Makadia for many years during his tenure with Tata Chemicals Ltd. At Mithapur - Gujarat India as well as at Babarala U.P India from the year 1978 to year 2005. Kishor has very sound technical knowledge, excellent managerial and Leadership qualities along with strong people processes. His skills of decision-making, analytical abilities, and logical reasoning are very commendable. His hard-working, never die attitude and dashing approach toward any challenging job is very praiseworthy. He had knack of finding out of box ways and ideas for Energy Conservation and Environment Improvements. He was always bubbling with positive energy and a great team leader with tremendous ability to motivate colleagues, subordinates. He was fearless and candid communicator. He had implemented several challenging and innovative solutions for plant/machinery trouble shooting as well as plant operations in an Inorganic Chemical complex, as well as in a Fertilizer complex. He is an excellent planner, expediter and executor of a large chemical as well as construction projects. He has good understanding of Project Costing and means of financing as well project risk management aspects. He has been an asset and an excellent value creator in the organization due to his above technical expertise and leadership and managerial traits. I wish Kishor Makadia a tremendous success in all his endeavours. I have made above recommendation based on my direct association with him during about more than 25 years his career with the Tata Chemicals Limited."

    Parimal M Khanderia
    Former Vice President @Tata Chemicals Limited
  • "Kishor is one of those managers and leaders who impacts your the moment you meet him. He possessed outstanding character and competence, a combination not always easy to find. Kishore, although younger than me, became a friend and a dear colleague at Essar Oil. What most impressed me about him was his leading from the front and his bias for quick action. I have known Kishor Makadia from the year 2005 to 2019, specifically during the journey of establishing power and refinery where Kishor was heading as Head power plant. During this time, Kishore demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills and ability to drive successful outcomes for the organization. I specifically remember that Kishore gave confidence and demonstrated execution of it during the initial stage of construction and commissioning of the power and steam plant phase 1 . His role was critical in the completion and commissioning of the power plant and in supplying power and steam during the expansion of the refinery phase 2 . Kishor pushed the idea for a coal-based power and steam plant for energy to the refinery to improve profitability which was never done before. He demonstrated his ability to persuade and finally convinced the promoters to put up a coal-based plant, where Essar finally got great bottom-line benefits. Reliability was excellent, best in class in terms of aesthetic look, cleanliness, and reliability with the lowest cost of operation across Indian refineries referring to energy. This was due to his attitude of pushing things hard and making them happen. During the journey, I have seen him fully confident, committed, consistent, a people person, with action, and ensuring he meets the target with time. He developed the team so well that he was always available to take on new challenges. The safety record was outstanding, with no LTI for over ten years. He took charge of the extension of the project as construction in charge of power and steam, along with the operation, and finished the project well within time and quality. He also worked as head of corporate relations for the Jamnagar area for 3 years after commissioning expansion where he resolved many conflicts that were beyond manageable. He was always accessible to everybody during any challenging incidents. Kishore always looked beyond and predicted the future, so he was always well-prepared. He is versatile to take any challenge which comes up in the future, so I wish him great days ahead. It will create a win-win situation for any assignments awarded to him. Overall, Kishore Makadia is an exceptional leader with outstanding skills in driving successful outcomes for the organization. I highly recommend it for challenging assignments."

    Narendra Vachharajani
    Former Chief Executive Officer @Essar Oil, UK & India
  • "I am delighted to recommend Mr. Kishor Makadia for his exceptional contributions to Essar oil refinery. I had the pleasure of working closely with Mr. Makadia during his tenure as CEO Power Plant (VPCL) and Head Utility of Refinery, and I must say that he is a visionary leader who consistently delivers outstanding results.Mr. Makadia played a key role in the successful expansion of Essar oil refinery from phase 1 to phase 2 by providing reliable and cost-effective power and steam through a coal-based plan. Despite the skepticism of experts, he relentlessly pursued his vision and proved them wrong, resulting in an award-winning plant for reliability, cleanliness, and efficiency.His ability to take calculated risks while involving his team and ensuring flawless execution is truly remarkable. He implemented the Japanese process called Gemba Kaizen, which led to significant improvements in the plant's performance. He also introduced innovative ideas like cooling tower integration and stormwater collection, which contributed to better and safer operations.As Head CRG, Mr. Makadia built a competent local team for O&M for power and refinery and institutionalized local participation, leading to better community relations. He is highly skilled in managing the external environment and ensuring businesses are not affected due to loose ends. I have complete faith in his ability to take on any challenging task and deliver practical solutions.I highly recommend Mr. Makadia for any challenging assignments. His dedication, expertise, and leadership will undoubtedly contribute to the success of any organization he works for."

    Manoharan Chakrapany
    Former Director & Head Refinery @ EOL/Nayara
  • "I am pleased to write a recommendation for Kishore Makadia, with whom I had the pleasure of working closely for several years. Kishore is an experienced professional in the energy, and refinery sector, and I can confidently say that he is one of the best in his field. During our time working together, I was impressed by Kishore's solution-oriented approach to problem-solving. He was always able to provide great solutions even in the most complex and unique situations. I recall a few instances where he was instrumental in commissioning the plant and securing power from government authorities. He also collaborated with a government agency to find amicable solutions to issues that were important to our organization. Additionally, Kishore intervened with local community leaders to resolve complex grievances with permanent solutions. Kishore's leadership and expertise were evident in his establishment at the refinery of a world-class reliable clean coal-based plant for refinery energy requirements which improved the bottom line for the group significantly. He consistently delivered quality output and completed his assignments within the given time frame. He has a deep understanding of the industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any project he works on. I am confident that wherever Kishore works, he will bring great success to the organization. I highly recommend Kishore Makadia to any company looking for a dedicated and talented energy professional."

    Ramesh Kumar
    Formerly Managing Director @Essar Power Gujarat Limited
  • "I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kishore Makadia for many years at Essar oil , where he oversaw the Vadinar power plant. During our time working together, we faced many challenges during the construction and commissioning stages, but Mr. Makadia remained a close associate throughout to fight challenges. His attitude is always positive, and willing to take on any challenge to make things happen. He is very charismatic, cheer leader and an excellent team player. He energizes the team, challenges status quo and raises the bar for performance excellence. Mr. Makadia is out of the box thinker and loves to find innovative solutions.Mr. Makadia is a trend setter. First time in India, he has conceptualized, executed and successfully operated major Power and Utilities company catering to world scale Refinery. No one has thought about before.One example of his problem-solving skills was when we faced issues with a liquid fire boiler getting blocked with metallic compound. He took charge and successfully resolved the issue, never giving up until the problem was solved. He was also instrumental in conceptualizing and commissioning a coal-based plant for final operations, a decision that shocked many of us. But with his logical thinking and ability to convince everyone, he took charge of the project and saw it through to its successful completion.His foresight in identifying future issues is remarkable, and his operations and maintenance practices are top-notch. He works not to satisfy others, but to achieve his own high standards. He also has an impressive ability to connect seamlessly across different groups and effectively use his contacts to resolve issues. His safety management process was great with no LTI, as well he drives Gemba kaizen process where people connect, drive changes, get in touch with the field team, work physically hand with broom and sweep the floors. great improvement was seen with this process, great reliability of energy supply at lowest rate to refinery where Gross margins was improved net was around 1$/Barrel..His understanding of finance and risk-taking ability is outstanding, making him an ideal candidate for any industry looking to improve their systems, processes, reliability, leadership team, and environmental impact. I highly recommend Mr. Kishore Makadia for any company seeking a skilled and capable problem solver."

    Sreedhar Rudraraju
    Head Fuels Marketing Group @Reliance
  • "I have had the pleasure of knowing him since the day he joined Tata Chemicals in 1978, and have been continually impressed by his versatility and ability to provide solutions where others may have become lost.Kishor has a wealth of experience in various departments, including instrumentation, power plant operations, and Denshash plant operations to resolve the deadlock on operation.. He has a proven track record of success, having provided solutions to the Denshash plant in 1988, he moved specifically to boiler operations in 1990 for two years to streamline processes, then went to the Fertilizer grass root plant, he commissioned it successfully, He was instrumental in the restoration of instrumentation after a fire in 2001, completing the task within the shortest possible time and without any defects. he has especially done a great job to identify CFBC boiler agglomeration and leaks and as solution after study he set SOP and since then CFBC boiler is stabilized and working uninterrupted, Kishor is a true professional and is always willing to take on new challenges. He is highly adaptable, a great people person, bold, action-oriented, and most importantly, dependable. His energy level is always high and he never accepts defeat.I highly recommend Kishor Makadia for any opportunity that may arise.I wholeheartedly recommend Kishor for any opportunity and wish him great success in his future endeavors."

    Girdhar Adroja
    Vice President @Nirma Limited
  • "I am writing this recommendation for Kishor Makadia, based on my personal experience of working closely with him. Kishor is one of the most talented individuals I have come across, who possesses the unique ability to find solutions to the most difficult situations. I had the pleasure of working with Kishor when he established a 1000 MWe power plant from conceptualization to engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and stabilization of energy supply requirements through coal-fired boilers. This was not the normal practice for a refinery where the refinery operations made 1 to 1.5$/barrel profit due to the fuel cost difference. However, Kishor's expertise and strategic thinking allowed him to overcome these challenges and deliver a successful project.In emergency situations, Kishor always keeps a cool head without getting overwhelmed. He is able to respond quickly but not impulsively. His actions and directions even in emergency situations are well thought out and carefully considered. Kishore considers problems as challenges. They bring out the best in him. Besides being an out of the box thinker and inspiring his team to think likewise, Kishore is very good at deploying the right talent and resources to ensure successful outcomes. His networking across the industry, including surrounding villages, is extremely close and strong enough to have significant influence on achieving business objectives. He is assertive without coming across as domineering or authoritarian. He is an inspiring leader and puts in lot of effort to mentor his team and is always ready to help out any team member. Kishor never hesitates to seek help from anybody and keeps in touch with the ground to make informed decisions.I have always admired Kishor's confidence level, decision-making, and project action. He is a people person who gives his best wherever he works. I wish him great success in all the future assignments he takes up, and I am confident that his abilities will continue to drive successful outcomes."

    Ramamurthy Palepu
    Former Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) @Essar Oil (UK) Limited
  • "Kishor Makadia is an experienced Veteran professional in the Power and Utility Department of Oil Refining industry with approximately 14 years of experience of working at the Essar/ Nayara Energy, Jamnagar Refinery ,Gujarat. He demonstrated exceptional leadership and technical abilities, particularly in establishing a unique coal-based power plant that helped boost the Gross Refinery Margin by more than 1 dollar per barrel. He also played a key role in stabilizing the Refinery's utility operations, implementing unique solutions, and improving reliability. We worked together for about 10 years in Jamnagar Refinery. Makadia is a hardworking and dedicated professional with a proactive attitude and ability to think outside his expertise. Overall, he is highly recommended for any challenge in the power and refining industry.He is a great Innovator & I remember repair of the 42 " DCU header of the Refinery which was a tough assignment. It was done in a  easy way and saved time and money during turn around. I wish him great success in future assignments."

    Kumar Swain
    Former Sr Vice President & Head Technical @Essar Oil
  • "I am highly impressed and inspired by Mr Makadia for his exemplery leadership and witnessed his outstanding work as CEO of Vadinar power. He played an instrumental role during conceptualization, commissioning and operation of one of the largest power plants and refineries built by the Essar Group of companies in Gujarat Jamnagar. During this time, we encountered a variety of challenges in many areas where Mr. Makadia demonstrated his exceptional technical skills, people-oriented approach, and strategic management abilities."

    Mayank Doshi
    Station head @Adani Power Mundra Limited
  • "I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kishore Makadia during my early career days in India, where we were part of a new grassroots project. Mr. Makadia was my point of contact during my work with Tata Honeywell, a DCS and field instrumentation supplier company. I must say that I was fortunate to have him as my mentor and guide during those challenging times, though he was on the customer side. He had natural leadership skills and ability to motivate & influence the team not only within Tata Chemicals but beyond. He also ensured that his team & beyond, including us are well taken care of & are comfortable within the TCL complex. He is very passionate about his job & assignments and has been inspiration for all those who knew him - even now. Mr. Makadia's ability to diagnose various problems was extremely impressive, and his out-of-the-box thinking helped us find solutions we never thought possible. One of the most impressive one was implementation of Steam Master Logic control that was a concept but never known to have been implemented back then in 1992. It was extremely complex & tough but he had the conviction & worked with all of us, consultants & suppliers & finally succeeded. Another instance, I remember when we faced serious logic issues with the HRSG, and Mr. Makadia suggested we rewrite the complete logic. It was a daunting task, but we completed it with his guidance and team support in just 15 days! His dedication to finding solutions was remarkable, and he always prioritized the task at hand over everything else."

    Abraham Joy
    General Manager Services - South & Mid-West of North America @Honeywell Building Solutions
  • "I have pleasure in introducing/endorsing Kishor Makadia, a brilliant and competent engineer. He has worked with me in various positions for a quite long period. I know him since last 25 years. He has consistently demonstrated his managerial and organizational capabilities during long tenure of his service. I have found him result oriented and capable of handling emergency situations on many occasions. He has worked as an expert in Instrumention & Control, Power Plants and other different areas including operation where he has demonstrated his leadership skill. I strongly recommend him for his future opportunities coming up."

    Ismail Momin
    Former Unit Head @Tata Chemical, Mithapur
  • "Mr. Kishor Makadia was project team member with me for more than ten years for the ammonia-urea greenfield project at Babrala in UP in India and various expansion and debottlenecking projects at the Chemicals Complex at MIthapur in Gujarat of Tata Chemicals Limited. He contributed to the success of projects and was actively involved in construction, expediting, commissioning and operations of process plants, power and utility systems and reliability of Instrumentation and control systems with dedication and commitment. His involvement in expediting six number of process gas compressor trains for the ammonia-urea plant from BHEL Hyderabad was indeed creditable. He has talent for learning new skills and innovative mind, people skills, and ability to deal with challenge, which makes him a successful team leader.
    His contribution in the process plant commissioning was remarkable in resolving critical issues such as DM plant, Gas Turbines, steam turbines, boilers, and HRSG and energy efficiency approach. In addition to the project execution, He excelled in managing the electrical and instrumentation operations and maintenance function for a couple of years. His present engagement as COO in an IT embedded company indicate his versatility and innovative mind. His past experience with Tata Chemicals and Essar India has helped him develop the skills and capabilities for handling large projects. I highly recommend Mr. Kishore Makadia for his result focus and wide experience and wish him success."

    Sanjay G Choudhary
    Former Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer @Tata Chemicals Limited
  • "I am writing this recommendation for Kishore Makadia, whom I had the pleasure of working with while participating in Organization Transformation program , 2002 at Tata Chemicals. As a facilitator and coach for the organizational transformation program, I had the opportunity to closely observe Kishore's work and interactions in the learning context, and as a manager, I may say that he is a keen learner, and enthusiastic to assume helper/educators role for is team or subordinates and work place colleagues.Kishore consistently demonstrated unique leadership qualities and a strong ability to connect with people, making him one of the most well accpeted participant in the cohort. He has wonderful appetite to build network of people across various domains and most importantly sustain those relations for years. During the marathon learning programs of 30 learning days spread over in 13 months which were essentially learning interventions to potentiate, organization wide change , he performed exceptionally well and was always eager to learn and receive feedback for personal improvement, even after the program was over.He under took self enrichment initiatives and also experimented in his role as Senior manager . One such challenge he had accepted to lead power plant , even though being an Instrumentation engineer and did not have experience of running Power plant . His experiment was how to stimulate his team to bring about ideas to improve the plant efficiency ,with out telling but inspiring people.Kishore possesses strong decision-making and analytical skills, which he combines with effective execution abilities to deliver results. His strength is enabling and mentoring people.He is always willing to support others when needed and is deeply committed to achieving the goals of his assignments.Being a facilitator of cohort of learners , I found Kishore played energising role in the group that helped learning group immersed in experiences. I have no hesitation , to say through his curiosity to learn he could influence learning climate that could catalyse others into deep learning, even without realizing it.I strongly recommend Kishore Makadia for any challenging situations where optimism and energizing are need most . He is someone you can rely on to deliver outstanding results and make a positive impact in any organization he works with. I wish him all the success in his future endeavours."

    Kantharao V.N. PhD
    Member of Academic & planning Council ODCP - ISABS @ISABS ODCP
  • "It was my pleasure to work with Kishor Makadia in the Instrumentation department at Tata Chemicals. Kishor is a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of the processes and systems that he manages. He is an outstanding problem solver who never gives up, even when others have hit a roadblock. Kishor's ability to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions is truly remarkable, and his ability to predict and prevent issues before they arise is simply amazing."

    Rajiv Oza
    Global HR Leader @Styker
  • "I had the privilege of working with Kishor Makadia for 28 years at Tata Chemicals and can attest to his unique skills and abilities. Kishor is a one-stop solution provider who always rises to the challenge, no matter how complex or difficult the task at hand may be. The management had tremendous trust in Kishor, as evidenced by his outstanding work at the Densh Ash plant and the 200 TPH cFBC boiler, where he successfully resolved issues that had stumped even the experts. Kishor's determination and problem-solving skills make him a valuable asset to any organization, and I have no doubt that he will continue to achieve great success in the future"

    Rahul Buch
    Former General Manager - Safety Health Environment @Tata Chemical Limited
  • "I have had the privilege of working with Kishor for 28 years, and I have seen firsthand his exceptional talent and ability to think creatively and solve problems. During his time with our organization, Kishor made outstanding contributions to the instrumentation establishment, stabilizing its operations and resolving chronic issues. He held various important roles, including heading power and instrumentation functions, and his versatility and expertise proved invaluable. Kishor's gift for solving even the toughest problems is truly remarkable, and I have no doubt that he will continue to achieve great success in his future endeavors. I wish him great success."

    Shalin Mehta
    Former Sr. Manager Head Business Excellence @Tata Chemicals Ltd, Mithapur
  • "I have known Kishor since he joined Tata Chemicals as a Trainee Engineer and seen him progressing to Head Power Plant. His in-depth knowledge of Instrumentation, Electrical Engineering, Power Plant operations earned him laurels with the company. Through his sincere hard work and trouble shooting and go-getter attitude, he was favourite of all executives and was assigned trouble shooting and de-bottlenecking jobs even in areas unrelated to his normal jobs and expertise ( Like Soda Ash Bagging Plant, Foundry etc. ), where he came out successfully with flying colours ! His analysis of coal chemistry and its effect on ash generation and choking, simultaneously finding solutions and remedies resulting in reduced shutdowns, maintenance and plant trippings saved millions for the company He is a great Team builder and utilizes best of everybody. I see a great future for Kishor. He is a CEO material. Should his existing company assign him higher responsibilities, I am dead sure, he will meet and exceed their expectations."

    Dinesh Kakkad
    Executive Director @Excellence unLimited and Former Asst. Manager (Quality Systems) @Tata Chemicals Limited
  • "Kishore was my Colleague at Tata Chemicals. I have observed him in various capacities on the Work front. We also travelled abroad together. He is a go-getter. Give him a tough assignment and watch him go about it with energy and passion. He is humble & ready to learn what he does not know without pondering on what others would think if he admits his shortcomings. In the process he has been moving from strength to strength all the time. He does not hesitate to contribute his views at any forum calling for expert ideas / opinions which have often been fruitful. When trying new ideas, he does not have the 'fear of failure'. He emerges stronger each time, as he "now knows one more solution which does not work for that situation". He is also a favourite with his peers, colleagues and subordinates because of his openness and fair practice. He does not say "Yes" unless he is convinced of what you say. Now how many of us can make a claim to measure up to Kishore?? Any takers??? I wish him success at every step, good health, peace of mind and happiness on every front. Kishore is thus a dedicated asset to any organization worth its name."

    AGM - New Product & Business Development: Consumer Products Business @Tata Chemicals
  • "Kishore was my Colleague at Tata Chemicals. I have observed him in various capacities on the Work front. We also travelled abroad together. He is a go-getter. Give him a tough assignment and watch him go about it with energy and passion. He is humble & ready to learn what he does not know without pondering on what others would think if he admits his shortcomings. In the process he has been moving from strength to strength all the time. He does not hesitate to contribute his views at any forum calling for expert ideas / opinions which have often been fruitful. When trying new ideas, he does not have the 'fear of failure'. He emerges stronger each time, as he "now knows one more solution which does not work for that situation". He is also a favourite with his peers, colleagues and subordinates because of his openness and fair practice. He does not say "Yes" unless he is convinced of what you say. Now how many of us can make a claim to measure up to Kishore?? Any takers??? I wish him success at every step, good health, peace of mind and happiness on every front. Kishore is thus a dedicated asset to any organization worth its name."

    M. Vivekananda Rao
    Former Head Supply Chain Mgmt @Tata Chemicals
  • "Kishore was working closely with me during my tenure with Essar Oil Ltd, a second largest single location oil refinery at jamnagar, Gujarat. He was highly safety conscious and implemented few elements in Process safety management, PSM .His commitment to safety was evident in every action and decision he took on Operating Power Plants safely. He is expert in Behaviour Based Safety of Employees and took extra interest to educate Contractors and their workers in addition to his staff reporting to him. He implemented various safety systems which were simple to follow and easy to practice in a sustainable way . His safety systems were periodically reviewed by me as well as by other third party agencies of repute. He had the qualities of completing all assignments on time without any cost escalation and with out compromising on safety or SOPs. He had developed well written SOPS and SMP for various activities and there were no single safety or Fire related incidents in Power Plants where he had handled huge quantities of highly hazardous and inflammable liquid fuels, Coal, and Oil . He is a good Leader with clear focus on any subjects. He is a good listener and follows all required statutory Rules and Regulations as per law of the land. I am sure that his skills and experience will be a good asset to any organization . He is humorous, clarity in thinking and a team builder. He strongly believes in team work and never hesitated to appreciate deserving achievers timely. I wish him all success and Good wishes. Good Luck Kishore Makadiaji. I always recollect my interaction with you on various as pects on SAFETY Related matters as well as Operational Excellence to achieve World Class Operation parameters in all fronts."

    Gopal Jayaraman
  • "I was very impressed with Kishore's management style, empowering his people. He is a firm believer in systems and his commitment towards them is evident. He walks the talk and is a leader by example. I wish Kishore all the best in his career!"

    Karthikeyan (Karthik) Balan CCPSC
    Process Safety and Risk Management Consultant @Prism Consultants

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