Conversion of Effluent into Raw Material for Cement Plant

Conversion of Effluent into Raw Material for Cement Plant

A multinational company established a cement plant along with a large chemical plant. The company faced the challenge of utilizing waste as an input to reduce costs and prevent the disposal of limestone into the sea, which was their primary product. The cement plant had a capacity of 1 MMTPA and was operating smoothly. However, over time, both the chemical plant and the cement plant faced a shortage of raw materials, compelling them to explore alternative solutions to avoid waste dumping.  The government has put a restriction to dump the effluent into the sea which is triggered to find a solution.


Meeting pollution control norms was crucial for the chemical plant's operations, particularly the filtration of effluent, which posed a significant challenge. The only viable solution was to separate the solid waste and prevent its disposal into the sea and make use of it through some process..


A team of chemical engineers, including the project head, and the BiC promoter, was assigned to address the task. The team began working on various samples of effluent and sent them to multiple industries for filtration and separation experiments.


After consulting with a reputed foreign filter manufacturer, it was concluded that not only filtration but also a complete automated system, including CO2 injections into the effluent, was required. The team collaborated with the filter manufacturer and established the design, engineering, and control systems for the automated plant. The necessary equipment was procured and installed accordingly.


Following the installation and commissioning of the fully automated plant, significant improvements were observed. The effluent was transformed into a cake-like material that could be used as raw material in the cement plant. This solution effectively addressed pollution control concerns while also providing a steady supply of feed for the cement plant, thereby increasing its capacity.


The BiC promoter witnessed the successful transformation of effluent into usable raw material for the cement plant. The project not only resolved pollution-related concerns but also highlighted the importance of teamwork and problem-solving. It demonstrated that with the right mindset and determination, challenges in any industry can be overcome. The BiC promoter has a wealth of experience in tackling such industry-specific challenges and stands ready to assist any industry facing similar issues.

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