Gas Turbine Commissioning and Liquid Fuel Fluctuation

Gas Turbine Commissioning and Liquid Fuel Fluctuation

In the commissioning phase of a fertilizer plant, it was observed that the gas turbine, which operates with both gas and liquid fuel, experienced high fluctuations in input pressure. These fluctuations led to tripping of the units, posing a significant challenge to the commissioning process. As the primary source of energy for the plant, maintaining stable input pressure was crucial.


A team was formed, with the BiC promoter, who specializes in utility and instrumentation, leading the effort. The investigation revealed that the liquid fuel, being non-compressible and subject to flow changes, caused significant fluctuations in the supply system. The size of the supply system contributed to the issue, necessitating the implementation of surge arrestors.


Drawing on past experiences and expertise, the team decided to install an accumulator to mitigate the pressure fluctuations. The selected location was equipped with an appropriately sized accumulator, which was filled with nitrogen at a prefixed pressure.


After the installation, the system was set up and prepared for operation within eight hours. The team then tuned and tested the pressure controller to meet the required variables. Within just one hour, the gas turbine was successfully put into operation and found to be functioning as expected. Subsequently, the turbine has been operating without any issues.


The implementation of the accumulator and the diligent efforts of the team resulted in the stabilization of input pressure for the gas turbine. The successful resolution of the fluctuation issue during commissioning ensured the smooth operation of the turbine. As of the present date, the turbine continues to function optimally.


BiC promoter's extensive expertise in various areas of industry proves invaluable when addressing complex challenges. With their guidance and ability to navigate chronic issues, BiC can provide effective solutions for a wide range of industrial problems

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