Overcoming Fertilizer Plant Commissioning Challenges

Overcoming Fertilizer Plant Commissioning Challenges

Provide background information on the project, emphasizing the challenges faced by a well-known group in setting up a fertilizer plant in northern India.
Highlight the criticality of the equipment ordered from a government-owned South Indian company, which had a monopoly in supply and quality production.
Explain the lack of communication facilities during the 90s, making it difficult to address project issues and delays.



Deployment and Assessment:
BiC's promoter was selected and permanently deployed at the supplier's manufacturing facility in South India.
  • initial tasks involved in understanding the project's status, matching reality versus reports, and analyzing the manufacturing cycle time.
  • complex nature of the manufacturing facility, including steam turbines, compressors, condensers, loose items, prefabricated piping, and electrical instrumentation.


Identifying Challenges and Developing Strategy:
  • Describe the two-month period taken to thoroughly understand the entire project, including the development of necessary designs and validation of sub-suppliers.
  • Discuss the discovery of power centers and competent individuals within the organization who could facilitate faster progress.
  • Highlight the challenge of dealing with a strong union and the need to develop a strategy for effective execution.


the appointment of a senior and influential individual, XXX, who had control over both the union and the management, to drive accountability and inspire the workforce.
  •  suggestion to have a meeting between the chairmen of both companies, along with XXX, to emphasize the importance of timely delivery.


the formation of a subcommittee and teams accountable for specific items, such as compressors, and the scheduling of high-level meetings to address challenges and make decisions.
  •  ongoing dynamic strategy discussions and the implementation of daily review meetings among key personnel on-site.


Overcoming Challenges:
  • Outline the various challenges identified through open discussions and decision-making processes, leveraging the technical expertise of the supplier company.
  • Emphasize the significance of continuous meetings over a week to address critical items, make decisions, and assign accountability.
  • Highlight the successful outsourcing of certain items that could not be manufactured in time.


Transparent and Efficient Operations:
  • Describe how daily and weekly meetings, with clear action points and decision-making, were instrumental in establishing transparent operations within three months.
  • Emphasize the completion of all identified scope of supply within the agreed timeline, including rigorous quality testing and installation at the site.
  • Highlight the absence of complaints regarding the supplied equipment, indicating successful project execution.


  • Reiterate the importance of finding key drivers and experts within an organization to overcome seemingly impossible challenges.
  • Stress the significance of seeking help and escalating issues to the right individuals promptly.
  • Emphasize the need for empathy and understanding of cultural perspectives during difficult times.
  • Highlight BiC's expertise in connecting the dots and providing tested and proven solutions.
  • Encourage adopting the right approach and mindset to tackle challenges effectively

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