Resolving Stormwater Pollution: A Sustainable Solution for Environment Management

Resolving Stormwater Pollution: A Sustainable Solution for Environment Management

The management of environmental challenges in the oil and gas industry has become increasingly complex in recent years due to tightening regulations and growing awareness. This case study focuses on the successful resolution of a critical issue related to stormwater pollution at an oil refinery. The excessive discharge of petcoke particles into the nearby drainage system was causing severe water pollution in the surrounding villages. With the intervention of BiC, a consulting company, a practical and cost-effective solution was implemented to mitigate the problem.


Under the leadership of BiC promoter, , a dedicated team was formed to investigate the root cause of the stormwater pollution. It was discovered that the movement of trucks in the petcoke storage area caused the crushing of petcoke, leading to the generation of fine powders. During rainfall, these particles were carried away by the stormwater, polluting the drainage system and ultimately contaminating the village lake.


To tackle the issue, the problem was escalated to the engineering division for further analysis. Several studies were conducted, including the evaluation of online filtering systems. However, due to the high cost and impracticality of such solutions, BiC promoter suggested an innovative approach based on his past experience and out-of-the-box thinking. The proposed solution involved storing the stormwater within the refinery premises, thereby preventing its discharge into the drainage system.


A trial was conducted to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of storing stormwater within the refinery. The results were encouraging, demonstrating that the water could be effectively filtered without causing harm or incurring high operational costs. The following actions were taken to implement the solution:

The solution was made and executed successfully such that it will never repeat again as well as no maintenance expenditure. ( Detailed can be sought on meeting )


Upon completion of the project, the refinery experienced good rainfall without any complaints from external agencies or the local community. The pollution control board and nearby villages acknowledged the positive impact of the implemented solution.  


This case study highlights the effectiveness of BiC's expertise and problem-solving capabilities in resolving complex environmental issues. By applying common sense and out-of-the-box thinking, BiC was able to provide a practical and cost-effective solution to mitigate stormwater pollution. The success of this project serves as an example of how experience and innovative ideas can be leveraged to tackle extraordinary challenges

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