Safety management systems

Safety management systems

Historical safety mindset: In the past, industries operated with the belief that a certain number of accidents, including some fatalities, were inevitable and acceptable.

BiC's expertise: BIC is a consulting firm specializing in industrial consultancy, particularly in safety management system implementation.

Promoter's experience: The BIC promoter has extensive experience working in industries, focusing on safety management at the grassroots level.
Conversion to excellence: The promoter worked with an MNC company to incorporate a safety management system, resulting in a significant improvement in safety records.

Importance of a structured framework: To establish an effective safety management system, a structured framework such as the British Safety Council (BSC) guidelines is crucial.

Involvement of senior management: The active participation and commitment of senior management and the CEO are necessary for successful implementation of the BSC framework.



Familiarity with BSC framework: The British Safety Council (BSC) framework is well-known in the United Kingdom, providing guidelines and best practices for safety management.

Resistance to change: Implementing the BSC framework can face resistance to change, particularly among employees who are not accustomed to a well-structured safety management system.

BSC sections: The BSC framework consists of various sections that define accountability, responsibility, and deployment processes for safety management.
Areas requiring attention: While some sections of the BSC framework may be easily implemented, certain areas, such as hazard identification, risk assessment, and safety training, may require additional work.


Formation of a dedicated team: A team with individuals who have the necessary expertise and authority is formed to implement the BSC framework effectively.
Scheduled reviews: Regular reviews, including daily, weekly, and monthly assessments, are conducted to monitor progress and address any challenges.
Importance of people's involvement: Successful implementation of the safety management system depends on the active involvement of every individual, from security guards to contractor workers, as well as the management team and board of directors.

Internal audit team: An internal audit team is established to assess progress and ensure compliance with the BSC guidelines.
Addressing concerns: Feedback and concerns from employees and contractors are addressed promptly, focusing on areas such as safety equipment provision, hazard controls, and training needs.

Leadership and communication: Effective leadership and communication strategies are employed to influence the organization's culture and promote safety as a core value.

Training and awareness: Extensive safety training programs are conducted to increase awareness and understanding of safety procedures and protocols among all employees.

Recognition and rewards: A system for recognizing and rewarding individuals and teams for exemplary safety performance and adherence to BSC standards is implemented.


Internal satisfaction: After a significant period of implementation efforts, internal stakeholders express satisfaction with the progress made in implementing the BSC framework.

Internal and external audits: Internal audits are conducted to assess compliance and identify areas for improvement. An external audit by the British Safety Council is sought to obtain their certification.

BSC certification: Following the thorough audit, BIC achieves the British Safety Council's certification, indicating compliance with their standards and guidelines.
Enhanced safety culture: The implementation of the BSC framework has resulted in a stronger safety culture within the organization, with improved hazard identification, risk mitigation, and incident reporting.


BiC's instrumental role: BIC played a crucial role in implementing the BSC framework, providing guidance, overcoming obstacles, and ensuring the involvement of stakeholders at all levels

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